Rockler’s Tandem Door Hinges Maximize Storage Potential

Rockler’s Tandem Door Hinges Maximize Storage Potential

In workshops where every inch of usable space counts, Rockler has recently added an innovative hinge style that should double the storage capacity of cabinets with pegboard doors. Its proprietary new Tandem Door Hinge Sets (item 59882) enable you to install a second cabinet door about 2-in. behind the first to make use of this typically neglected space. That should work well for stowing narrow-profile items such as handsaws, chisels, screwdrivers, measuring and marking or other lightweight hand tools. You can decide whether to arrange door storage so it faces outside or inside the cabinet.

Made of sturdy, zinc-plated 12-gauge steel, the hinges function by providing an independent leaf for each door frame. A single leaf attaches the hinge to the cabinet carcass. Door frames should be made of 3/4-in.-thick solid wood, with rails and stiles measuring at least 2-in. wide.

One pair of these hinges will support an outer cabinet door measuring up to 24-in. wide by 36-in. tall. The second door can be nearly as large as the first. Three hinges extend the maximum door length to 48 in. The hinge pair, which have a combined load rating of 30 lbs. (15 lbs. per door, maximum), can be oriented for doors that open left or right.


Each hinge set also includes two metal door pulls, two nylon bullet-style door stops that mount to the bottom of the cabinet, a catch plate, mounting screws, a mounting template and a set of detailed instructions to make the installation process easy.

“Tandem Door Hinges are a clever way to get more out of your space,” says Steve Krohmer, Rockler’s vice president of product marketing and strategy. “The ability to store more in cabinets without taking up additional wall space is invaluable.”

Rockler’s Tandem Door Hinge Sets are available now and sell for $24.99.


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