RYOBI ONE+ Hybrid Score Wireless Speakers

RYOBI ONE+ Hybrid Score™ Wireless Speakers

Thanks to the capabilities of Bluetooth®, the days of running wires between audio controllers and speakers is almost a bygone necessity. And with Ryobi’s new ONE+ Hybrid Score™ Wireless Speaker Set, you can set up a wireless sound system anywhere you need it — in the shop, around the house, at poolside or for yard parties.

This two-piece set (4.3 lbs. total weight) contains one P760 Primary Wireless Speaker and one P761 Secondary Wireless Speaker. By connecting your Bluetooth-enabled device first to a Primary Speaker, you now have the ability to connect up to four additional Primary or Secondary Speakers instantly using SKAA® technology. Note that only five speakers can be connected together within the network, and you must have the Primary Speaker in order to transmit audio.

Each 1.7 lb. speaker features a high-quality driver and passive radiator, so you will always receive clear, robust sound. With up to 150 ft. of SKAA range from a Primary Speaker, these speakers can be placed virtually anywhere in the home or elsewhere and stream through walls and floors. You can control volume levels easily with independent volume control on every speaker, or, control each volume level simultaneously right from your mobile device. The P760 Primary Speaker also features an FM tuner, as well as an integrated auxiliary port for direct connection. The speakers are compatible with any RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt battery (sold separately), but they also include two AC power adaptors that allow for endless runtime.

Ryobi’s ONE+ Hybrid Score™ Wireless Speaker Set (Model P765) sells for $199. Individual Secondary Speakers (Model P761) sell for $99. See them at your local Home Depot® store, or click here.

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