A Sad Loss for Us All

Rob-Portrait351So often, I really look forward to writing this short letter to you all. I get a chance to be goofy, or irreverent and sometimes accidentally, even wise. Today is quite different. Lee Gilchrist, who was my online editor for this eZine for many years…died on October 6th at the age of 52. Lee wrote our Websurfer Review and the Tool Maker Insider interviews, edited the Q and A, Reader’s Response, you name it; as well as doing all our HTML coding. He was a true all-around talent. But that is not why I will miss him.

Over the course of working together on the eZine, we discovered that we were indeed kindred spirits. We shared fully developed senses of irony and an eye for the irreverent. Lee was a gentle, kind man, and his sense of humor was always at the ready. His phone calls often lifted me up during hectic afternoons. It never took us long to stray from business and start to discuss politics or other silly things. His fight against cancer was a long hard one, but remembering the courage and grace with which he dealt with it brings tears to my eyes as I write.

Life is so very unfair at times and in this case, so very sad as well. Lee’s family, his wife of 30 years Betty, and his son Jamie are in our thoughts and prayers. And as a small token, Woodworker’s Journal will be setting up a scholarship fund for Jamie. (Details in the next eZine.) I hope you will be able to join me in this effort as a fitting way to say goodbye and thank you to a kindred spirit.

— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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