Safety First? Or Only After a Few Years?

Here at Woodworker’s Journal HQ, we produce not only the Woodworker’s Journal Weekly, but also the print edition of Woodworker’s Journal magazine. Usually, Rob writes an introductory editorial for both (except when he’s fishing, or hunting, or, to my knowledge, driving aimlessly around looking for the game birds that have already flown away).

A couple of months ago, he wrote in the print magazine about his experience using table saw safety guards. Summary: years ago, he didn’t use them. Then he got older and, possibly, wiser, and started thinking more about safety.

We heard from a LOT of readers who had their opinions, and their own stories, about their use through the years of guards and safety equipment. So many readers, in fact, that the responses overflowed the print magazine … and ended up in the Feedback section of this issue of the Weekly. Feel free to add your voice, and your experiences, to the conversation, either through the comments or by clicking on my name below to email in a response.

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

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