Safetypaq: Fashionable, Functional – and Fast to Find

Safetypaq: Fashionable, Functional – and Fast to Find

All woodworkers should already know the importance of safety equipment: your eyes and your ears are four of the most important tools you own. Unfortunately, perceived obstacles can make it diffficult to protect those assets. For instance, you know you own safety glasses — but can you find them? What about your ear plugs?

The Safetypaq” from Dynapaq puts everything together in an easy-to-find (and easy to store: it has magnets, a handle and a peg slot for any shop configuration) container. A clear lid lets you see the two pairs of safety glasses (one for indoor work; one for outdoor); ear plugs and high-dexterity work gloves nestled within.

All of this equipment is designed to be functional, comfortable — and fashionable, too. (No more worries that anyone poking their head in your garage to check how the latest project is coming will be subjected to a Groucho Marx look.) The glasses have a curved profile and high gloss finish, with comfort-fit technology that conforms to different head sizes and shapes. A single lens provides a clear field of vision. The “comfort-max” ear plugs are soft and pliable. The gloves have leather palm surfaces for durability, padded palms for comfort and a neoprene cuff for a tight fit that prevents debris from entering.

Even the container itself is stylin’ — the patent-pending Paq has a shape inspired by performance car lines. The Safetypaq will be available in early June at a price of under $40.

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