A Salute to Veterans

Rob-Portrait351If you’ve been online at all lately, you have probably seen pictures of the poppy project at the Tower of London. It’s an art installation in honor of the fallen soldiers from World War I.

That war was also the original genesis of what has become Veteran’s Day. November 11 is now a day to honor all veterans of military service. I know that there are quite a few of you out there in our eZine audience who fall into that category.

While the logistics of providing a poppy for each of your lapels is a bit overwhelming, I did want to take the time, on this eZine of November 11, to pay homage to all of you who have contributed to defending our country, whether in peacetime or in wartime. My stint as a U.S. Navy corpsman is my small contribution to this effort, but I reap the benefits of freedom of speech — one of the four freedoms President Franklin Roosevelt listed in his 1941 Address to Congress — every time I write one of these editorials (no matter how wacky some of them are).

Earlier this month, I was also able to exercise my freedom to vote; and I am free, within reason, to choose how to live my life: woodworking projects, dogs, grouse hunting and all.

To all of you veterans, for all of your efforts to support my freedom and others’, I salute you.

Rob Johnstone

Woodworker’s Journal

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