Sand Flee Portable Drum Sander: No More Fleeing from Sanding

Sand Flee Portable Drum Sander: No More Fleeing from Sanding

It’s an open secret that sanding is a job that most woodworkers would like to, well, flee. So, anything that makes it easier – like the Sand-Flee® Portable Drum Sander – is of interest.

The Sand-Flee 1800 is an 18” drum sander with an aluminum drum wrapped with hook-and-loop material for easy changing of the sandpaper. You can even use three different grits of paper across the drum at the same time, so you don’t have to keep changing paper to sand through the grits for a fine finish.

The 18-inch, 11-gauge stainless or powder-coated steel tabletop can accommodate a sanding width from the smallest piece you can think of up to 36 inches. (It comes with a fence and accepts magnetic featherboards and hold-downs to help out with those longer pieces.) There are no height limitations for the finished surface sanding you can achieve on all kinds of projects, from raised panel doors to fretwork.

Dust collection on the Sand-Flee consists of an internal downdraft system; it also has a 2-and-one-half-inch dust port. The motor is a 1,725 rpm, 1/3 HP Baldor. The Sand-Flee – which also comes in a “mini” 9-inch model for smaller shops – is made in the U.S. and priced at $699.95. You can find out more at

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