Sansin 2-Coat DEC Stain

Sansin 2-Coat DEC™ Stain

Sansin’s 2-Coat DEC™ is a wood stain with modified natural oils and a waterborne formulation that uses water, not oil, to deliver stain color deep into deck wood, repelling water but not inhibiting evaporation. The water repellency from rain and protection from UV exposure allow the wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment, reducing maintenance and adding protection to the deck wood. Sansin’s 2-Coat DEC stain comes in 79 different colors and is designed for application to new or old cedar, pine, spruce, fir, pressure-treated lumber or exotic hard woods. Pricing varies, with natural color stain at a U.S. price of $51.86 for a gallon-size container, and $241.18 for a five-gallon size.

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