Saw of the Month Club!

Saw of the Month Club!

Have you ever wished you could try out ALL of the miter saws on display at your local big box store? Does choosing a particular tool to buy make you lose sleep at night? Well, here’s a solution that can help, friend! “Saw of the Month Club®™,” brought to you by BMG (Big Miter Guys) Ltd., gives you the EXCLUSIVE chance to put every single saw through its paces, right in the comfort of YOUR OWN SHOP!

Imagine opening the box of a BRAND-NEW miter saw every month, with a sparkling tool inside just waiting to make project parts for you? It’s like a Christmas morning that never has to end. If there’s anything we can do about it, IT NEVER WILL.

How does this Club work? How do legions of other woodworkers know about this already and I don’t? How do I sign up? We’re glad you asked!

For just two semiannual dues payments of $29.99*, BMG will send you the latest from today’s hot new miter saw models. The biggest blades … the most lasers … the newest whiz-bang features. ALL NEW, ALL THE TIME!


Then, once the first saw arrives, you’ll be sent another new saw next month, and every month after that to try out – RISK-FREE!** You choose the saws you want to buy, and send back the saws you don’t***. It couldn’t be easier! It couldn’t be more fun!!

We’ll bill you monthly for that special saw you just can’t live without. It can be yours for just 12 easy payments of $59.99****. That’s less than $2 a day, give or take — you can’t buy a jumbo drink at the Golden Arches for that price anymore!

Think of it: You’ll be the envy of every woodworker on your block! Write your own tool reviews! Become a Zen master of miter saw-ery!! Dazzle visitors with your knowledge of detents, developed horsepower and deep bevel cuts!!! The bravado and bragging rights will be yours — and that, friend, is priceless!!!!

How can you pass this up? YOU CAN’T! So act now! Here’s how.

Call 1-800-SAW-SCAM. Or like us on Twacebook, Flitter, Disinterest and Instascam.

* Billed automatically and in perpetuity to your credit card.

** Unless you hurt yourself, damage the saw, damage the shipping carton or damage the packing material in the effort to put it back into the box correctly. Residual sawdust on the saw qualifies as “damage.” Damages are the sole responsibility of Club members. Your credit card will be billed for the full purchase price.

*** Saw returns must be received by BMG within 24 hours of delivery to you. Otherwise, your credit card will be billed for the full purchase price.

****Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping, handling, processing, restocking, import, export and security fees also apply. Yep, your credit card will be billed.


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