Scribe-Master Cope-Pro

Scribe-Master Cope-Pro

Coping base, chair and crown moldings is the correct way to join pieces to form inside and outside corners for trim installation. But the traditional coping method, using a coping saw and a file, can be time-consuming and fussy work.

The new Scribe-Master Cope-Pro jig can speed up the process, by trading a coping saw and file for a router. It uses a series of stainless steel combs (each 0.2 inches thick) grouped in a block to form a profile copier. With an included tool, the combs are individually pushed into a sample of the molding to be coped, then locked into place, creating a negative copy of the molding’s profile. The comb assembly is then turned over and, using a router mounted on a plate that has a copy pin, the router bit follows the negative copy contour to cut a perfect cope on the mating piece of molding.


Made in the UK of high-pressure laminate and stainless steel, the Cope-Pro jig comes pre-assembled and ready to use. It can cope any shape of baseboard or chair rail, and it’s adjustable for out-of-plumb walls. It also will cut both left and right hand copes. The Cope-Pro can make easy work of tenons, dadoes, and lap joints, plus other joints, with an accessory that’s sold separately. There’s also an optional mounting kit available for securing the Cope-Pro to your miter saw stand.


A 1/4-in. shank, twin flute spiral cutter, screws, workpiece clamp and comb alignment tool come with the jig, along with full instructions. A router is not included. The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro (model SMP11) is covered by a two-year limited warranty and retails for $399. It is available at


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