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Rob-Portrait351I know that I am not alone in this (in fact, my wife thinks it is a Y chromosome-linked trait), but I am a sucker for a cool gizmo or gadget. For example, in my office you can find a radio-controlled racecar, a battery-powered pistol type foam-disk shooter, a couple of little telescope devices (for looking at ducks in the pond across the road) — and sadly, the list goes on. As you will have noticed, these gizmos have almost no practical purpose – OK, absolutely no practical purpose.

But I am newly enamored of an online gizmo that is not only very cool, but is truly practical. (OK, it is only practical if you are thinking of buying a new router. But hey, what woodworker is not thinking of buying one?)

On our More on the Web page, you can find a searchable router database. It is free to use and contains almost every router on the market today. You can thank Woodworker’s Journal field editor Chris Marshall, content coordinator Matt Becker and web wizard Dave Werden for our new online buyers guide.

The list of routers goes from the tiniest trim router to the biggest handheld behemoth you can behold. You can search by price, brand, horsepower, handle type, and a host of other features and categories (combo kits, for example). You can mix and match your search criteria and continue to refine successive searches. If you are interested in a new router, there isn’t a better tool on the web. And even if you are not that interested in buying a router today, I can verify, it is a great gizmo to mess around with.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

NOTE: The Router Database is no longer available.

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