Secrets of a Master

Rob-Portrait351Do you know what a torsion box is? Many of you likely do, and some of you do not. In our May/June print magazine, you can learn all about what hip woodworking dudes like me like to call the T-box. It is simply a means to creating a light but incredibly strong subassembly that can become a shelf or tabletop, you name it. It is one of the most important concepts in the arsenal of woodworking weaponry when it comes to designing furniture. And Woodworker’s Journal is fortunate to have the country’s leading expert in torsion boxes, Ian Kirby, affiliated with us as our dean of woodworking. T-boxes allow you to build lighter, stronger and better – with unlimited design options regarding wood species, finish and color. They can be huge – the size of a Fortune 500 conference table — or small – like a bedroom or kitchen shelf.  Ian, in two separate articles, provides wonderful insight and ultra practical suggestions for constructing T-boxes. The magazine won’t be on newsstands until the first week of May (subscribers will be receiving it over the next week), but you can get a sneak-peek on our homepage. ( … then click on More on the Web)

Check it out … I bet you will be impressed.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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