September at Last!

Fall is my time of year. I like nearly everything about it. Cooler temperatures; in my neck of the woods there are wonderful fall colors; it is harvest time and I really like to eat. I like fall! (Fall is also football season, and as a lifelong Vikings fan, it brings sorrow as well … but I digress.)

And on top of all the other things that I like about fall, it is also when a lot of woodworkers get back into their shops and start cranking out sawdust. Something about the cooler air must inspire activity …

So what is on the docket for your shop season? Do you have any must build projects in the offing? If so, share them with us and we will see how you compare to your woodworking friends. And when you do, I’ll share my fall woodworking plans as well.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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