Share Your Work

As Rob revealed last week, he is off on a fishing excursion right now (and yes, the tales he tells when he gets back might best be described as … fishy).

Which means that it’s my turn to write to our eZine readers. And to finish up overseeing the last couple of days of preparing our print magazine to go off to press. And … well, I’m not sure yet what else, but I’m sure there will be something.

Beyond the introductory text for the Free Plans, you generally see my name popping up here in the eZine as the author of most of the Today’s Woodworker interviews. That department gives us a chance to share what woodworkers of all seasons, stripes and interests are doing today with all of our other readers.

We know woodworkers, in general, like to talk about their projects – which is why we’d like to encourage you (yes, YOU) to join in the sharing. An easy way to do that? Submit your projects to our Reader’s Project Gallery. We have an easy upload form that asks us for your name (you’d be surprised how many “joe”’s and “jane”’s there are in the world – and you wouldn’t want that other guy or gal getting credit for your work, now would you?) and a bit more information.

We’d love to see a few pictures of your project(s), and look forward to you telling us all about them.

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