Sharing Good Work in our Gallery

Rob PortraitOne of my favorite portions of this eZine is the Reader’s Project Gallery section. For me, as for other woodworkers, it’s fun, interesting and downright inspiring to see what other woodworkers are building in their shops – makes me want to get right out into my own shop and start sawing some wood.

Apparently, you agree: we have been getting lots of great submissions lately of the projects you’re building. In fact, my content coordinator, Matt Becker – who does a stupendous job at all of those “behind-the-scenes” type things that make this eZine run so smoothly – tells me that we’ve received more submissions for Reader’s Project Gallery in the past month or so than we ever have before.

Keep ’em coming! We want to see what you’re building –- just keep in mind that you’re one among many great woodworkers who read the eZine, so you might have to keep checking back to find when your work is featured. And if you’re sitting on the sidelines and have a great project recently completed, send it on in to the Woodworker’s Journal eZine Reader’s Project Gallery.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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