Sharing in Something Substantial

Rob-Portrait351I’ve been fortunate in my professional life to have worked on some pretty cool things. My name is attached to “how-to” books that helped improve people’s homes and gardens. Woodworker’s Journal has won many awards while I have been on the masthead and I was an instrumental partner in developing this eZine – which was a successful and groundbreaking effort in so many ways. But this last summer and fall I was involved in creating a series of woodworking DVDs that I am exceptionally proud of.

We’re launching The Way to Woodwork DVDs in this eZine, so I won’t take up a lot of space to describe them here (check out the Industry Interview), except to say that I think they are the best “how-to” woodworking product to come along in decades. And considering the way that we’ve integrated the effort with hundreds of pages of supporting content, it may be the best woodworking instructional effort to date. Only your feedback will tell me if I am right about that – but I am confident it is one of the most important editorial efforts I have been a part of creating. Let me know what you think.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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