A Sharp Sharpener

A Sharp Sharpener

The Tormek T-7 model sharpening system is a straight — sharpener. One of its main features is the Square Edge Jig, into which you clamp your tool to be sharpened – – and the jig holds it completely square, 90 degrees to the grinding surface, by automatically aligning the chisel to its flat, sharpened face.


It can hold small tools, tapered tools, or tools sized up to 3″ wide. Safety stops prevent the tool from slipping off the stone.  It also comes with several accessories designed to keep your tools sharp and at the right angle. The AngleMaster fixes onto the machine by magnets and can be used either to set the jig to grind to any angle from 10° to 75° or to measure an existing edge angle. It works on grindstones from 6″ to 10″ in diameter.


The Truing and Dressing Tool is guided by the same universal support which guides the jig, ensuring that they’re parallel. You turn two knobs, one with each hand, to create an even feed for a flast stone sruface: the slower you go, the finer the grind.  And the handbook which accompanies the T-7 includes over 500 line drawings detailing the steps to grind most types of edge tools.

The Tormek T-7 sells for $499.99. You can find out more at www.tormek.com, as well as a video of the T-7 in action here.

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