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Rob-Portrait351Last time out, I asked what sort of woodworking projects you all were working on this fall. Thanks for sharing – you’ll find some of the answers I received in the Feedback section. It used to be called Reader’s Response, but with the recent redesigning of the eZine, we changed the name. (I mean, come on, there’s more than one reader of this thing!)

I’m kind of envious of a lot of the projects you’re describing. My own latest was not so much built for the love of woodworking as for the resale value of my home. (That built-in cabinet is featured in the December issue of our print magazine, which will be mailed soon). Getting ready to move house, by the way, means getting ready to move shop – which, of course, means less time to actually do woodworking. Bummer.

You can, though, get a glimpse of a couple of my projects – I may have to gaze at them myself from time to time, just to vicariously experience woodworking – on the Reader’s Project Gallery page in our Premium eZine. And if you feel like sharing pictures of all those great projects you’re working on, you can put them in the Reader’s Project Gallery, too – or share your favorite shop tricks in our online Tricks of the Trade department. It’s your eZine, and we want to hear from all of you! (Wait… a quarter million emails in the next two weeks? Maybe some of you should hold off a week or two.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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