Shopmaster: Delta’s Bid for Cleaner Air

Shopmaster: Delta’s Bid for Cleaner Air

One of the events I attended while at the Hardware Show in Chicago last month was a press conference given by Porter-Cable and Delta. There were a whole bunch of really cool tools that I got to see and learn about. Everything from stationary power tools to new handheld power tools, to compressors and even job-site electrical generators. Of the new products that really caught my eye, there were two that were smaller and not so spectacular, but that I suspect will be of real interest to anyone with a woodshop. They are the AP100 Delta ShopMaster Air Cleaner and Work Light and the AP075 Delta ShopMaster” Downdraft Dust Collection Table.

The AP100 air cleaner’s triangular shape is attractive and will also tuck nicely into the opening between floor joist or rafters. It has a two-stage air filtration system with 450 CFM (that’s cubic feet per minute for us ambient air cleaner experts) and features a coarse pre-filter and 5 micron inner filters. As a sweet finishing touch, the unit also has two integrated halogen light bulbs nestled into its bottom. Lighting is always welcome in a shop setting, especially when you are sanding. (Street price: $179.00)

As a good complement (or a standalone) machine the AP075 downdraft table is a simple approach to the problem of dust created while sanding (or even routing) small pieces. It is small enough to move around easily from table to bench (20″ x 40″ x 6″), although there is an optional mobile accessory stand available. And to top it off, this tool is very reasonably priced at $129.00.

Used alone or in combination these two new offerings from Delta will reduce the amount of dust in your shop & and in your lungs. Both outcomes are “all-good” as my son might be heard to say. Available in November, look for these products where Delta Shopmaster tools are sold.

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