Short Days, Long Shop Time

Short Days, Long Shop Time

Shorter Days, Longer Shop Time

In Rob’s editorial last eZine out, he mentioned that he finds himself doing more woodworking in his shop as the autumn days get shorter. Some readers concurred. – Editor

“I, too find myself spending more time in my woodshop as fall arrives. In my case, central Texas, I believe it has to do with the fact that there is less outdoor gardening, etc. to be done. A number of years ago, we lived in Maine. Never since then have I gotten so much woodworking done. From the first of October to the end of May was woodworking time!” – David Theis Jr.

“My woodworking season starts when [She Who Must Be Obeyed] says, ‘Get out of here! Go out the garage and do something.’ Seems to happen more days than not.” – Rich Flynn

Bus Driver’s Holiday?

Our coverage of whether woodworkers prefer to buy their tools online or in person has inspired at least one change in vacation plans. – Editor

“The issue included a discussion about whether or not to buy a large stationary tool online. I’m considering buying a new 8″ jointer. After spending hours online checking out websites and reviews and feeling that I really wanted to see the tools in person, I finally told my husband that I’d like to take a vacation and visit Washington, D.C. ‘Oh, and by the way, I’d like to make a stop in Muncy, Pennsylvania, to check out the various models of Grizzly jointers.’ He agreed! We’ll be heading out the end of September.” – Carol Johnston

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