Showing the Way to New Tools

Rob-Portrait351I just flew in from Las Vegas, and are my arms tired! (Bu-dum-bump!)

But seriously, folks, I did just spend the lion’s share of last week at the AWFS big woodworking show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Note to show organizers: if you are going to have a trade show in July, try Vancouver – not Las Vegas!)

It was a very good show. There were new tools to look at, old friends to see and plenty of energy to get a fella excited about woodworking. Starting with this issue, we will have previews of many of these new tools for you to read. Not all of the tools are even available to purchase yet, so you will need to pay attention and visit our archives if you have any timing questions in the next few weeks.

But I’ve got to go now. I need to think up a really good reason to tell my wife why I needed to buy that Elvis sequined jumpsuit. (You should see me – um, maybe not.)


— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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