SketchList 3D: Designing Woodworkers

SketchList 3D: Designing Woodworkers

If you’re a woodworker who has always thought it would be cool to design your own projects – but you’ve never learned CAD – the new program SketchList is for you (if you have a PC, that is; it’s currently not compatible with Macintosh computers).

It’s available exclusively through Rockler Woodworking and Hardware (, which offers a 14-day free trial download with full functionality. Among those features are three-dimensional images of virtual boards (hence the “3D” part of the name), rather than flat lines.

The program has built-in shortcuts for doors, drawers,custom joinery and edge treatments: the user puts the dimensions in, and the program puts those items into the design.

Any change in the design automatically updates the Purchase List, Cust List and Layout Diagrams features in the program. By gathering data on the size and material type of each piece, SketchList 3D automatically compiles a shopping list and cut plan for either sheet goods or dimensional stock.

For those who decide to purchase after trying it out, the cost of the program is $89.95. Visit for more information.

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