SKILSAW 13-amp Recip Saw with Buzzkill

SKILSAW 13-amp Recip Saw with Buzzkill™

SKILSAW is entering the linear cutting market with its new model SPT44A-00 corded Reciprocating Saw. This machine features Buzzkill™ technology: it’s a patented full-frame counterbalance that suppresses vibration up to 35 percent better than the competition, SKILSAW reports. Other recip saws have a rotational system that transmits vibration in multiple directions, but with Buzzkill, it’s a linear system instead, which simplifies the counterbalance and reduces the number of wear points. Lower vibration improves durability that increases the tool’s lifespan, but it’s also more comfortable to handle, easier to control and cuts more quickly.

Other efforts to improve durability include a single-wobble drive train, which reduces friction and, by extension, heat buildup. A unique clock spring brush system optimizes motor performance as the saw pushes through the cut, regardless of heat or dust flow. SKILSAW says this is the only recip saw in the compact market with both counterbalance and a single-wobble drivetrain.

The saw has a 1-1/8-in. stroke length, delivered through an oversized, variable speed trigger that you can adjust between 0 and 2,800 strokes per minute to suit your material and application. A tool-less blade clamp makes for easier blade swapping. Measuring just over 19-1/2 in. long and weighing 9 lbs., SKILSAW’s 13-amp SPT44A-00 comes with an 8-ft. power cord and sells for $99.

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