Slick Willy’s® Snake Oil Blade Lube

Slick Willy’s® Snake Oil Blade Lube

Whoever says a dirty, pitch-encrusted blade can’t be restored to tiptop cutting condition has never tried Slick Willy’s® Snake Oil Blade Lube.
Extracted from the purest essences of python bladders from the darkest jungles of Burma, this blade tonic “reconditions and revitalizes” band saw, table saw and miter saw blades to their former glory. Slick Willy’s even guarantees that they’ll spin at least .27 RPM faster than before treatment!

Here’s how the two-step process works: First — and this is important — soak the blade in blade cleaner to “prime” the surfaces for Snake Oil Blade Lube. Second, scrub the teeth until all traces of pitch and gum are removed. This “preconditions” the metal. Now, pour on the Lube to liberally cover the blade; Snake Willy’s recommends that at least two thirds of the can (preferably more) be used for each treatment.

The fluid goes on clear, dries clear and has no odor. Even better, it’s completely non-toxic and biodegradeable. But be sure to promptly wipe it all off with a dry cloth.*

Now, prepare to be amazed! Cleaner, safer cuts with less burning…and with only a little elbow grease from you. Who knew that blades could be so “Sssimply Ssslippery!” Slick Willy’s Snake Oil Blade Lube ($69.13/gallon; $439.13/barrel) is available exclusively from the company website:

*Any subsequent rusting or incidental blade corrosion from water contact is not covered under the product warranty.

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