Small Hooks, Small Hands and Small Changes in Measurement and Language

Small Hooks, Small Hands and Small Changes in Measurement and Language

Hooked on Tapes

“In the Q&A section, the question was asked about the correct name for the hook end of a measuring tape. Where I’m from we always called it the dummy end of the tape. I know well, because I always got to hold that end.” – Chris Lohman

“I have always called the hook zero or zero end.” – Rich Flynn

Small Hands

“Regarding the Q&A concerning any cordless drills on the market with comfortable handles, especially with smaller grips, I believe Milwaukee has won acclaim for its higher end drills and their smaller, more comfortable grips. I certainly respect the economy view of the tool world, but also wish the higher end tools were better represented and mentioned more often than they are. Thank you for your fine efforts to help out woodworkers online.” – Ron Garren

Maybe Metric?

“Thanks for the nice new eZine format. I don’t know how many subscribers you have from Europe, but would it be possible to add the measurements in metric to the free plans?” – Andreas Kaufmann

Sorry, but that is not something we can do at present. It looks as if you will have to continue converting them on your own, but look on the bright side. All that math will help keep your mind sharp. – Editor

A Question, a Comment and a Suggestion

“Where do the submissions for the Q&A section come from? By the way, the new look is great, but tell the guy with the problem cutting off box lids to use a cross-cut sled with a stop block, it works like a charm.” – John Hanlon

The questions are sent directly to the eZine by our readers, and thanks for both the nice comments and the good suggestion. – Editor 

Watch Your Language!

“In your Feedback section, you provided an excellent answer to Frank Johnson’s irritation with language usage. As I am now 63 years of age, I, too, see many differences in usage and have accepted the wonderful fact that our language is the only thing that is entirely controlled by the people. The worst thing that could happen would be a government dictating our language. Those who produce dictionaries are merely archivists of how people use the language.” – Wayne M. Hope

Typo Corner

It’s amazing how just a couple of letters typed in error can give a whole new meaning to your discourse. – Editor

“I am planing to sand the flowers in my home.”

When he’s done that, he’ll water the floors. – Editor

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