It’s a “Snow Bird Dog”

In last issue’s eZine, Rob mentioned that he had spent some woodworking time building areas for his dog, who recently returned from a winter down South. Readers had a few things to say about that. – Editor

“A dog who takes the winter down South is a ‘snow bird dog.’ Duh.” – Mike Miller

“I was very touched by the your writing. As a dog owner myself, I can appreciate the love and labor that went into this project. I hope Leeroy enjoys his new home.” – Moshe Golden

“Rob, you may be happy you made the dog’s apartment so nice.  You may need it. Our dog spent the morning with me in my shop working, too.” – Rick Corbitt

We also heard some reactions (including those placed through discussion directly on the article page) to the latest update on the legal battle between Bosch and SawStop regarding table saws designed with extra safety measures. – Editor

“I thought the SawStop system was a bit complicated and seemed expensive to replace. Bosch’s system looked a lot simpler and, if activated, probably was a lot less expensive to reactivate. Also, in my humble opinion, the mechanisms to activate the system appeared to be totally different. I can’t see where there’s a patent infringement, but I’m a woodworker, not a lawyer.” – Jerry Czarnowski

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