Snowbound Bonanza

Rob-Portrait351I am well aware that in many parts of the country the words “snow” and “shovel” are not joined together as a single noun. Even so, this year, those of us living above the Mason Dixon Line have experienced what might be termed a “bountiful supply” of the white stuff. As my father would have described the situation, the snow is “fanny-high on a tall Lutheran.”

Now, as with many circumstances that life presents us, this big pile of snow is appreciated differently by various groups of people. Snowmobilers near me are giddy from their excursions. Snow shovelers are delirious with exhaustion. Woodworkers like myself see it as a watertight excuse for spending more time in the shop. “You know that I would just love going shopping at the mall for end-of-year specials, but the snow has me stuck at home! Sorry!”

So here’s to battening down the shop hatches and firing up the woodworking machines … let it snow!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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