So Long And Thanks for All the Fish

With apologies to Douglas Adams – although, if I’m going for aquatic references, let’s throw in a couple more: a) Rob is out fishing this week. b) This editorial is my swan song.

After 21 years at Woodworker’s Journal, I am moving on. The move is to greener pastures at least in the sense that this spring’s monsoon rains have turned my yard into a fast-growing jungle. With all of the things I’ve learned about tools and tool companies over the years, though, at least I knew what to look for in a battery-powered lawn mower.

Not only have I learned way more than I ever expected to about tools and about woodworking techniques, but I’ve also made some great connections with woodworkers – both in the office and out. After two-plus decades of correspondence from some of you regular readers, I’ve come to recognize you by your email addresses. I’ll miss you.

Thank you for your feedback and your involvement. Thanks to all of our staff, our authors, tool company representatives and more for sharing all of their knowledge, camaraderie and assistance.

And, while my go-to on meals at the local diner is generally a BLT, I’ve been known to choose the fish and chips a time or two. So, sure: thanks for all the fish – literal and metaphorical.

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal


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