Song Sung Dry

Wood debris and sawdust from machining and sanding woodworking projects is a fact of life for those of us who love to woodwork. And where you find those pesky wood bits at the end of the day can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. (Years ago I wrote a song entitled “Wooden Boogers,” but it never really gained an audience.)

Dust collection solutions have made amazing progress since I wrote that song, but mitigating dust remains an important topic. And that is what today’s videos are about. First, Sandor Nagyszalanczy does a wonderful job explaining many of the important concepts around effective dust collection. Next, Chris Marshall explains and demonstrates a Rockler product that really helps you collect dust when spindle turning.

Now, I know that dust collection is not the sexiest topic (hence the failure of “Wooden Boogers”), but it is something that all of us need. Now for my next song: “That Scary Sharp Skew.”

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Understanding Dust Collection Airflow

What makes an effective dust collection system? It’s important to choose the right dust collector, but it’s equally important to choose the right hose size, hose type and fittings to get the most out of your system. In this video, you’ll learn how airflow is effected by the hose size, hose length, fittings and layout of your dust collection system. We measure airflow in different situations to demonstrate how each component effects its effectiveness.

Lathe Dust Collection

Woodturners know that dust collection is a challenge when working with a lathe. The Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System includes several tools to help improve your lathe’s dust collection. The centerpiece of the system is a C-shaped ”dust scoop,” which wraps around spindle turnings to catch dust right at the source. Add to that a highly adjustable solid steel boom arm support system, a flex-form hose to connect to your dust collection system and a chip deflector and you have an all-in-one package that will dramatically reduce the amount of dust in the air and on the floors of your shop.

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