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Rob-Portrait351As you read this email, I am likely at the STAFDA show in Phoenix, Arizona. While not a true woodworking show, toolmakers often offer up sneak peeks of all sorts of new tools at this venue, and I am too much of a tool geek to miss out on the opportunity. If there is something super cool, I will be tweeting it right away, and putting it in other media forms soon. So keep your eyes open, and hopefully I will have some fun updates for you very soon.

Which brings me to my question for this week. As the gift-giving (and hence the gift receiving) season approaches, what new tools or shop items are you hoping will show up at your house? Let us know, and perhaps we will share it in such a way that you can make your wishes known very subtly (like a URL in an email, for example).

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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