Spalting Speculations

Spalting Speculations

Last week Rob mused that perhaps gray hair will soon trend as well as spalted lumber is these days. It gave some of you food for thought. – Editor

“I think the ‘inquiring minds want to know’ phrase may date you more than your hair. Since folks younger than you or I never stand in grocery checkout line (having the groceries delivered) they may have never seen the ‘National Enquirer.’ With the complete shaving of male heads being popular as soon as the hairline starts moving, total baldness is not even noticed, so gray may also become unrelated to age. I remember my late wife pointing out that ‘it wasn’t fair that gray hair makes a man distinguished but a woman OLD.’” – Jay Simmons

“You made me laugh out loud, and I had to explain my outburst to my wife of 40 years. Spalted hair … I used to say my hair was getting towards ‘salt and pepper,’ but I’m replacing that term with ‘spalted’ from now on. Thanks for the editorials…I look forward to them each week.” – Edward K. Chess

“Spalted hair is fine, wormy on the other hand, is not.” – RileyG

“Right there with you, Rob. Except my mustache started turning grey when I was in my mid 20’s, but only the left half. Didn’t even out until I was in my 40’s. Now that I’m 66, I don’t care what color my hair on my head is, just as long as it’s still there!” – Tom Atha

“Face it Rob, your hair is getting just like mine. And it doesn’t bother me at 75.” -Gary Mast

‘I hate to tell you Rob, but my hair has been spalted for a number of years now, and l’m not trendy and for SURE not more valuable to hear the peanut gallery tell! Sorry ’bout that.” – Tom Grutzmacher

“I always felt that white (wood) just allowed one to stain it any color they wanted with the results perfect.” – Heidi Snyder

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