Spider Sander: Eight Slots for Sanding

Spider Sander: Eight Slots for Sanding

A product of a new company, T and T Design, formed by two Australians named Terry, the Spider Sander takes its name from its eight slots for attaching abrasives.

Once the abrasives – it uses standard-size sheets available at any woodworking supplier – are in place, the Spider Sander itself can be attached to a benchtop drill press or to a portable drill for a variety of uses. Depending on the abrasives you’ve put in, for example, it can be a paint remover or a fine sander. If it’s attached to a stationary or benchtop tool, you can hold the item you’re sanding by hand to achieve a finer level of sanding – including on curved surfaces.


It can be used for shaping, polishing, burnishing and, with the insertion of scouring pads instead of abrasives, for cleaning sheet metal and other applications.

The Spider Sander comes with eight 120-grit abrasive sleeves, one sheet of 80-grit abrasive and eight scouring strips, and sells for $20 U.S. For more information, visit www.tandtdesign.com.au.

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