Spring’s New Opportunities

Rob-Portrait351Spring … which has just arrived here in Minnesota … is an exciting time of year. New growth and new opportunities abound. Key to the experience of spring are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Each year they come along and allow us to celebrate our parental experience as a child, a parent or both. Now I know that the cynical among us might think that these “holidays” are simply constructions of our greedy commercial society; more bent on selling us products than celebrating the sentiment of family relations. Okay, that might be true … but why not make it work for you?

For all of the reasons above, we have created our first ever Top Ten Gift List and put it in the Tool Preview section of the eZine. So, if your significant other is worried about getting you just the right present on your respective day … maybe one of our suggestions would help you out. After all, once you get your gift, you can put it to work creating a hand-crafted product that will indeed carry genuine sentiment, so even the cynical among us can be happy.

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