Spyder Hole Saws

Spyder Hole Saws

If you’ve ever used conventional hole saws for drilling access holes for pipe, you know how difficult it can be to remove the core of wood inside the saw when you’re through. With most styles, the saw cup is held in place on the arbor with a nut, so removing the core involves digging it out with a screwdriver or disassembling the cup from the arbor. It’s a hassle. Spyder Products promises to make the process much easier with their new Bi-Metal and TCT Hole Saws. They feature a patented Rapid Core Eject(TM) system that makes the process of clearing a core as easy as pushing a button on the arbor. Once the button is depressed, the saw slides back to expose the center pilot bit and core so the core can be slid free. Or, slide the saw off the arbor to change to another cup size without tools. A secondary benefit of the system is that when the cup is retracted, the extended pilot bit allows for greater range of use, particularly if you need to need to start a hole cut at an angle. And, in situations where you’ve drilled a hole that’s too small, you can slip a larger saw and arbor onto the pilot bit’s hex shaft behind the first cup and arbor, then use the original cutter as a pilot for centering the larger cutter.


To see a video of the hole saws in action, click here.

Spyder’s Bi-Metal Hole Saws have a variable-tooth pitch for fast and clean cut-outs, and the TCT versions, with tungsten carbide cutting edges, are designed to cut five times faster than traditional hole saws, while lasting much longer. Both Bi-Metal and TCT styles are available in sizes ranging from 3/4-in. to 6-5/8-in., and the saw cups will fit on other manufacturers’ arbors, too. Bi-Metal prices range from $6.49 to $39.98; TCT sell for $13.62 to $68.96. The patented arbors and pilot bits are also available separately.

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