The Start and the Finish

Rob-Portrait351A lesson that I learned rather late in my career is that there are a couple of different kinds of people when it comes to woodworkers. There are some who get most excited about getting started on a project, and others who are the most happy when a project is completed. Now the folks who are the big finishers often find starting a project troubling, as they focus on all the tasks it will take to get to the end. The quick start crew are just excited about the idea of building their new widget … those other details are not what they are thinking of.

So my question is this: which type are you? Do you have several projects in various states of completion inhabiting your shop? Or are you the person who “gets ‘er done?”

I’ll let you know where I am on the spectrum after I see a few of your responses!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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