Steelman Miter Saw Bench: Mobility for the Miter Saw

Steelman Miter Saw Bench: Mobility for the Miter Saw

Sometimes, you and your miter saw just need a change of scenery (to that project you’re working on in the backyard, for instance, instead of the one in the garage). At those times, it’s nice to have a handy-dandy miter saw mover around like the Steelman Miter Saw Bench with Wheels MS245W.


This mobile workstation has two 12.5″ pneumatic wheels for easy transport, once it’s folded up, scissors-style, on the hinged legs. Once you’ve taken it to its new home for the time being simply unfold the 16-gauge leg supports. A crossbar adds balance and stability, and an adjustable tripod leg keeps it level, no matter how many gopher holes are in your ground.

The working top of this stand is 3/4″ thick, 30″ x 20″ melamine with a wraparound vinyl edge. Two adustable extension rollers offer a span of up to 8 feet for ripping dimensional lumber, and can be raised or lowered from 0 to 6″ high. The tabletop itself has a working height of 36″.


You can find out more about the bright yellow Miter Saw Bench with Wheels MS245W at Steelman’s web site.

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