Stock and Roll … Overlapping Interests

I’m just curious.

I know you like to work with wood, but I bet you do other things, too. Recently, I found out Ellis Walentine loves to play the guitar (me, too!) Michael Dresdner and fellow staffers Larry Stoiaken and John Kelliher play as well. So does my contributing editor Mike McGlynn. (In fact, he’s building one right now.) Hmm.

I also discovered that Ian Kirby is a great cook (me, too!), although I have not sampled his fare at this point in time. So I began to wonder, are there common threads of interest associated with our woodworking passion? It seems like it to me … but what about you? Have you observed this phenomenon? Where do your creative areas intersect…art, gardening, fishing, hunting, cooking? Drop me a line, because … I’m curious.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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