Stop With the Snow! On to the Outdoor Projects!

If you paid attention to the news this past weekend, you know that, here in Minnesota, we got hit with a spring blizzard. I measured a foot of snow on my front sidewalk just during Shoveling Round One (with the tape measure I keep in my coat pocket for such times as this — tools have many purposes).

This is ironic timing, considering that the cover of our March/April issue of the magazine features an outdoor Adirondack chair, and the forthcoming May/June issue has a couple more outdoor-focused projects, too. And, truly, all of us up here in the (still) frozen North would much rather be working on outdoor projects than still shoveling the white stuff and watching our full-grown 70-pound dogs sink into the snow up to their belly.

So, in an attempt to live vicariously through our readers: what outdoor projects are you working on this year?

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

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