Striker FLEXit Light

Striker FLEXit Light™

Striker’s newest LED lighting option, the FLEXit Light™, features a 5-3/4-in. x 11-1/2-in. flexible silicone low-profile display that can provide hands-free, versatile lighting wherever you need it — under a sink base when making repairs, inside a machine cabinet for changing blades or wrapped around a plumbing pipe. Its ultra-thin flexible body conforms to many shapes, which also enables you to alter the light array it produces: from focused spot light to broad floodlight or even a lantern with 360 degrees of light output. Sixteen Lumen TechTM LED lights provide bright white light, and a four-function switch adjusts them to low, medium, high and rapid hazard settings.

Its durable Shape-Loc™ frame can be bent, folded or wrapped to position the light for use. FLEXit Light’s base also has two large neodymium magnets for sticking it to a ferrous metal surface, plus an integrated hang loop.

The FLEXit Light is powered by three AA batteries, which are included. It sells for $29.99.


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