StudMark™ Magnetic Stud Finders

StudMark™ Magnetic Stud Finders

New from Calculated Industries®, two versions of StudMark™ magnetic stud finders are designed to prevent the false findings, beeping, errant flashing lights and dead batteries that often are associated with typical electronic battery-operated models. Instead of electronics or battery power, these stud finders have two powerful rare-earth magnets in their bases that locate screw or nail heads embedded in wood or metal studs.

Using the StudMark is easy and straightforward: place the device flat on a wall and move it in a “Z” pattern to find a nail or screw used to hold the drywall to studs. Its magnets then snap to the exact location of the nail or screw. To mark multiple studs, place one of two green, removable magnetic markers over the spot to identify the stud’s location and then move on to find the next stud.

Since StudMark stud finders use only magnets to detect metal wall fasteners, they don’t require batteries and never need to be calibrated for accuracy. Both versions include two onboard markers. The StudMark™+, however, also has a built-in bubble vial level to assist in leveling items, such as picture frames, mirrors or shelves.

Available now, StudMark (model 7310) sells for $11.95, and StudMark+ (model 7350) is priced at $14.95.

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