Summer Reading – We’ve Got It!

Rob-Portrait351About this time of year, I regularly hear about “must-read” books for the summer, or “our special summer reading list” announced on the radio. Titles on these lists are spoken of in dulcet tones with an admonition like: “perfect for a lazy summer evening on Martha’s Vineyard.” Well, as hard as it might be for you to believe, I have never spent a summer evening — lazy or otherwise — on “the vineyard”. (I have spent plenty of summer nights in my workshop, however.) For that reason, I am bringing forward some news and an offer that I think might interest other summer shop rats.

As you might have guessed from that introduction, this offer has to do with books. Woodworker’s Journal books, to be specific. We developed these volumes as a way to respond to readers who wanted projects from the 30-plus years of our magazine — but which, unfortunately, were sold out. Right now, three of our books (more are in the works) are the most popular: The Best of Woodworker’s Journal: Craftsman Furniture, Jigs and Fixtures and Boxes, Clocks and Lamps – followed closely by our Home Woodworking book.

Seeing as most of you won’t be hanging out on Martha’s Vineyard this summer either, I’ve worked out a deal with our sales partners to present these books in a special offer for the eZine audience only. The first three books regularly sell for $17.95 each. The Home Woodworking hardcover sells for $19.95. The eZine-only offer is this: buy the three “best of” books for $52.95 (plus $6.95 in shipping and handling) and you will get the hardcover version of Home Woodworking for free. (Or, you can look at it as 50-some bucks for four books, which is also pretty cool.) The catch? This is a limited-time offer. Otherwise, go ahead and get your “summer” woodworking reading right here in the eZine!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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