Summer Shows Approach!

Rob-Portrait351Some folks look forward to summer as a time that is slow and easy … well, they sure don’t work in the woodworking publishing industry. Summer is the time that your intrepid editors go to woodworking trade shows and tool conferences to check out the new cool tools and gizmos that will be hitting the market this fall. My associate editor, Joanna Takes, has already been to Florida (yup, in June!) to see what Craftsman Tools will be rolling out. (Click on the Tool Preview to read about one of their hot new ideas.) I’ll be in Chicago, Illinois and Anaheim, California in the next few months to take in the National Hardware Show as well as the AWFS (Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers) show … the biggest woodworking show of the year. Be sure to keep your eye on the eZine for your first look at what we find.So if you are lazing around in the hot summer sun, sipping mint juleps and generally taking life slow and easy, have a thought for your favorite editorial crew. We’ll be haunting the aisles of trade shows, trying out new tools and accessories. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

– Rob Johnstone, editor: Woodworker’s Journal

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