SuperMax Rolls Out Two New Dust Collectors

SuperMax Rolls Out Two New Dust Collectors

SuperMax Tools, makers of drum and brush sanders, are expanding their product line into portable dust collectors. Two new models, available now, could complement either a stationary sander or a variety of other woodworking machines in a home shop.

“We wanted to add something to our line that could be used with our drum and brush sanders,” said Bill Schroeder, SuperMax Tools president. “We also wanted our dust management line to have a more competitive price than what is currently in the marketplace. I believe customers will like what we have to offer in this area.”

A principle difference between these dust collectors is their motor size. One unit features a 1hp totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motor. The other dust collector has a 1-1/2hp TEFC motor instead. Both models have a fabric top bag that captures 99 percent of particulate matter down to 5 microns and offers 90 percent efficiency down to one micron.

Three plastic lower waste bags (14- or 16-in.-dia., depending on the unit) come with each machine. Stands on both dust collectors are made of tubular steel, and casters allow for easy positioning or rolling them out of the way when necessary. The motor units are reversible, as well, so airflow can be directed up or down, depending on your dust collection system needs.

The larger dust collector has an 11-1/2-in. curved steel impeller that helps the motor develop 1,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of suction. It’s prewired for 115 volts (15 amp). Three ports on this machine — one 5-in. and two 4-in. — accommodate multiple shop machines and dust hose sizes. The collector has a 19 x 35-in. footprint, with an overall height of 83 in., and it weighs 93 lbs.

The smaller collector’s 10-1/2-in. impeller enables the 115-volt (8 amp) TEFC motor to develop 680 CFM of suction. It has one port for connecting to a 4-in. dust hose. The unit has a 15 x 30-in. base and stands 73 in. tall. It weighs 79 lbs.

Both dust collectors are covered by a 3-year warranty. The 1-1/2hp collector sells for $449, and the 1hp version is priced at $355. You can order them directly from SuperMax or its dealer network.

Learn more about both dust collectors by clicking here.


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