SuperMax Tools Air Filtration Unit

SuperMax Tools Air Filtration Unit

Removing wood dust at the source is just part of the equation for shop dust extraction. The other, often-overlooked, aspect is removing dust that’s suspended in the air. To that end, SuperMax Tools now offers an Air Filtration Unit for home shops.

Measuring 12- x 24- x 28-in. and weighing 60 lbs., the new Air Filtration Unit features a 1/5hp (4.9 amp) three-speed operating system: 540, 730 or 1,200 cubic feet per minute of airflow. Its 5-micron electrostatic outer filter is washable, and a large dial indicator on the housing gives you a visual reference for when the filter needs to be cleaned. An inner filter traps all dust particles larger than 1 micron, to ensure clean air output.

At its highest speed setting, the Air Filtration Unit will recycle the air in a 20- x 20-ft. room with an 8-ft. ceiling, 22 times each hour. A built-in timer can be set to run the unit from 30 minutes up to four hours. SuperMax also includes a battery remote, so you can turn the machine on or off, adjust the blower speed or set the timer’s programming at a distance. The remote will come in handy when the Air Filtration Unit is mounted to the ceiling or in a hard-to-reach area.

Four eyebolts and flange nuts, as well as rubber feet, are provided for installing the unit where most convenient. It plugs into a 120-volt outlet with a 6-ft. power cord.

SuperMax’s Air Filtration Unit (item 810650) sells for $359. You can buy it now from SuperMax dealers or directly through SuperMax Tools.

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