Survey: eZine at Work or Home?

Rob-Portrait351I am going to ask you to reveal a secret … but don’t worry, it’s safe with me. I receive many, many e-mails from all of you on a wide range of topics. (Yes, my new puppy is doing fine!) But I must confess to being more than a bit curious. Often, the address or footer will indicate that the e-mail I am reading has come from a place of business. So … where do you read the eZine? Do you get it at home or in the office? If you get it in the office, does your boss know (if you have a boss)? Or is it a guilty pleasure tucked between spreadsheets, memos and fiscal reports? Don’t get me wrong, I have received an e-joke or two at the office, but I know that for some companies, personal use of the Internet is a problem. So let me know, and while I will be sure to protect the guilty and the innocent alike, I’ll let you know the “trend analysis” on our readers’ response page next issue.

— Rob Johnstone, editor: Woodworker’s Journal

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