A Swing and Some Hits (?) for Bat Maker

A Swing and Some Hits (?) for Bat Maker

Swing, Batter, Batter…

In our last eZine issue, we ran a question from a wooden bat maker who was wondering what to do with heavy billets that he could not turn into bats. eZine readers offered a few suggestions. – Editor

“Tell Anthony Ingle to hollow out the bat blank and fill it with cork. He could make a fortune selling them to Major Leaguers, especially Sammy Sosa.” – Bernie

“Come on, man. Baseball nuts love anything baseball. I say turn every blank you have into … .baseball bats! Convert the heavy ones into a souvenir. Stools with baseball bats as legs. Crossed bats as a wall hanging. Bat lamps. Bat handle coat racks. Bat handle doorknobs. Baseball bat bedposts. You get the idea. Look at any object and picture it with a baseball bat. Then add them to your eBay site and let the fun begin!” – Gary Powers

“In response to the eZine #280 Q&A section question, ‘For What Should Bat Maker Use Wood Scraps?’, I’d like to suggest that the reader make some heavier ‘warm-up bats. I’ve often seen batters holding two or three bats at a time, swinging the extra weight to warm up before their turn at-bat. Depending on how much heavier the blanks in question are, it might be worth the time to turn them for this purpose and remarket. A different branding applied to the bat indicating its ‘special’ purpose might be a nice touch as well.” – Eric Barczynski.

A Friend From Fiji

And, every once in a while, it’s fun to share a nice note from one of our international eZine readers. – Editor

“This is Vikash Roy from Fiji and I love your newsletters. Every time, it gives me a lot of information and ideas which I pass on to other mates at work. We are the biggest hardware in Fiji Islands and do stock a lot of building hardware, but it is always good to learn more about new things.” – Vikash Roy

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