Table Saw Cabinet

Table Saw Cabinet

I live in a two bedroom condominium and my work area is really out on the balcony (lucky for me there aren’t neighbors below us, just a storage room). I take my tools out there and work, however I cannot leave them out in the open or they’ll get ruined and the neighbors would not like that too much.

In short, I have a space constraint, but I need a table saw like any other woodworker because it make life a lot easier but then where would I store it? That made me think of my mother’s sewing machine and how it would fold down into it’s cabinet and quietly sit in a corner of her living room.

So I built a cabinet on casters for my table saw, lift off the lid, open the doors, swing the table saw upwards, lock it in place with bolts on each side, close the doors and there you have it. It is easy to roll out on the balcony and I stores other tools in the bottom of the cabinet.

Now my table saw sits in a corner of the living room and everyone thinks its part of the furniture.

– L. A. Kronfli (AKA Tafi)
Vienna, Virginia

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