Talkin’ About Tormek

Talkin’ About Tormek


We merely talked about the Tormek in the last issue, but some of our readers wrote in to rave about it. – Editor

“I bought a Tormek with all the attachments several years ago. It was a large bite, but it sure has paid off. I have sharpened planer blades, jointer blades, chisels, blades from my thickness planer and all of my expensive kitchen knives. I have sharpened nearly everything in my shop and house that one can think of and have been extremely satisfied. Turns out to be one of the best investments I made for the upkeep of my tools. It makes the difficult task of sharpening woodturning lathe chisels a simple task. In the past, I have used stones, plate glass with sandpaper and diamond medium. None of them can compare to the ease and final product of the Tormek. Hope you have one in your shop. Like I said, it takes a large bite out of your wallet, but it more than pays for itself in results and safer woodworking.” –R L Hoyle

“I was happy to see the article about the Tormek system. I have had mine since 2006 and have enjoyed truly sharp tools. It really makes having sharp tools easier. I was very happy for the link to Tormek’s web site as I was able to see what is new and different. I will have to call and get some of the upgrades for my system. Thanks for a great article and newsletter.” – Bill Larsen

We heard from Tormek, too, but in their case it was to gently point out that we included a rather misleading typo in our pages. – Editor

“Many thanks for your write up on the Tormek T-7 Sharpening System. There is one small typographical error which relates to the setting capabilities on the AngleMaster. The maximum is 75 degrees. Many thanks.” – Geoff Brown

We eventually made the correction on the web site, but those of you who read your eZine right away got it with the bit of misinformation that identified the range as between 10 and “7” degrees. Sorry about that. On the positive side, that will do double duty as our Typo Corner entry as well. – Editor

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