Tee It Up!

Rob-Portrait351Long ago in an eZine far, far away, a certain woodworking editor asked eZine subscribers to submit woodworking-based slogans that would look great on a T-shirt. And behold, the slogans were submitted, and in the natural order of events three of the very best slogans were chosen by the council of elders. Verily, the slogan winners were happy and much joy was shared by all. Then dark days befell the T-shirt process — there were slogans, but where were the shirts? Years passed and eZine readers looked in vain, but their torsos remained T-shirtless.

But be of good cheer, loyal readers, it is with an uplifted countenance and a profound sense of relief that this one-time editor can announce the arrival of the long longed-for T-shirts. All three slogans, in two colors and a variety of woodworker-sized shirts, are now for sale in our Woodworker’s Journal store. Yes, good things do indeed come to those who wait. (And wait….)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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