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Rob-Portrait351Last issue, we sent out our new look eZine for the very first time. This time out, we have even bigger news — our groundbreaking Premium eZine section.  What’s in the Premium section?  I am so glad you asked!

Every two weeks in the Premium pages you’ll find some great upgrades to regular eZine fare, including:

•   A high-quality 4-color woodworking plan, valued at $7.95 all
by itself — (and you’re going to get 24 of them!)
•   A fun woodworking quiz (just how smart a woodworker
are you?)
•   A full-blown woodworking technique article
•   A guest essay from one of the top woodworkers in the country
•   Shop tricks from fellow woodworkers (you can add your own to the
Premium pages, too!)
•   A gallery of projects from the shops of the eZine faithful (and yup, you can
put your own shop pics online, too)
•   A “best of” Questions and Answers section … selected around a specific
woodworking topic
•   Access to the eZine’s archive of over 1,000 woodworking-related articles —
available only to Premium subscribers
•   And there is more to come (on-demand woodworking videos, for example).

This is a paid ($29.95 for 24 issues — a year’s worth) Premium section, available only to folks willing to subscribe to it. Your regular free eZine will not be affected by this offer; it will continue to be free, with its new upgraded look and features.

This enriched, premium content is something I’ve wanted to provide for a long time, but I could never figure out a way to pay for it.  Now, I’m putting it out there with the hope that eZine readers will be willing to pay for this cool new stuff.  And I really think that once you get the chance to see it, you will feel that it is not only worth the $29.95 price, but is, in truth, a bargain! At less than $1.25 per issue, I’ve got it priced well below the average cost of a cup of coffee! And, I also convinced my publisher to make this a “double guaranteed” risk-free offer:

First, when you sign up, you automatically get a 20-day FREE trial period — long enough to get a couple of Premium sections under your belt — before your credit card is even charged.  (If you like it … do nothing and you’ll continue to have access to all the Premium pages.  If it’s not all you had hoped for, cancel during the trial period — your card will never be charged.)

Second, and this part took a little extra convincing, if at any time during the entire first year of your subscription you decide the Premium section is not for you — just cancel your subscription, and we will return every penny to you, with absolutely no questions asked.


Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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